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How a Nashville startup wants to be the go-to company for hyperlocal content

by Eleanor Kennedy
Staff Reporter - Nashville Business Journal

If you come across a hyperlocal section on a Nashville-based website listing information about local businesses, the odds are fairly good Nashville technology company Synd It Global is behind it.

"You don't even know it's us," Synd It co-founder Adrian Larrea said, explaining how the company's content syndication platform developed works. Businesses can add some basic content at no cost, which Synd It then lists in directories on the websites of its 30 or so clients. But those directories have unique appearances depending on the site, from "Healthy Nashville" on the 12 South Farmers Market site to "Local Directory" on the Nashville Scene's site.

Larrea and co-founder Kaylee Hamar boot strapped Synd It, which is currently rebranding as Blue Plover, through its first few years in business, but the 11-person company recently landed an initial funding round of up to $100,000 to aid the platform's expansion to several new cities. Right now, Synd It's services are available not only in the Greater Nashville area but also in parts of North Carolina, Florida and the Caribbean, with other additions on the way.

Even as Synd It grows its network, Larrea said, the name people know shouldn't be Synd It, but the local sites where it syndicates information. Synd It's content is somewhat similar to what you could find on Yelp but, unlike national directory sites, the goal is to send people to local websites to get that information, he said.

"We actually give all the credit to the sites that we partner with ... we're trying to distribute that traffic across the community," Larrea said.

Basic informational content from business is listed for free and rotated randomly so everyone gets equal exposure, Larrea said, though businesses can then pay to get additional information added to their link. The ultimate goal, he said, is to change the way search works and where people find information that's specific to their location and community.

"It's a big lofty goal for what we're trying to accomplish," Larrea said. "There's nobody doing anything like this."

"As the first Chamber of Commerce affiliate, we have been able to build alternate revenue through this affiliate partnership."

- Leah Jack
Donelson Hermitage Chamber of Commerce

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